Saratoga Arts' mission is to enrich the region by
cultivating a vibrant arts community and by
ensuring that the arts are accessible to all.

Events at Saratoga Arts

with Thom Williams Students should come to class with a working knowledge of their camera and at very least know how to adjust shutter speed, aperture and ISO. The Primary goal of this class is to give students a clear understanding of the exposure triangle and the appropriate use of shutter speed, aperture and ISO […]

with Emily Vallee This course will explore the local landscape through the photographic lens. Students will experiment with different image making techniques throughout the day to create their own mini landscape portfolio. This course will be held offsite and place emphasis on developing a personal relationship to the land. The instructor will offer group and […]

with Thom Williams While lightroom is a fantastic program for photographers there are things better suited for Photoshop. In this class we will go over Photoshop features that are specifically suited for photographers as well as maximizing the strengths of both packages to move your photo editing to the next level. Tuesdays and Thursdays, June […]

WET ON WET WATERCOLORS with Irene Radicchi Learn how to use the technique of wet on wet watercolors from self-taught artist Irene Radicchi. The gentle ebb and flow of water and color paints a picture that draws you in and gives you the freedom to be creative! This is a perfect workshop for those who […]

with Thom Williams The best way to understand something is to do it repeatedly. Students will be taught about “Rule of Odds.” Students will then immerse themselves in the compositional rule over the following week, through a series of assignments, coming to class with their results to discuss and review.. Mondayss, June 15 & 22; […]