Saratoga Arts' mission is to enrich the region by
cultivating a vibrant arts community and by
ensuring that the arts are accessible to all.

Our Members

Members are the heartbeat of Saratoga Arts.  

Individual & Family Members
Associate Level & Above

Phyllis Aldrich
Merle Bonthuis
Harry Bucciferro
Mary Lou and Jerry Cartwright
Elizabeth and John Collins
Doug and Theresa Davis
Mary DeRidder
Amy Durland
Janice Fontanella
Kathleen Fyfe
Wally Hart
Bruce Hiscock and Helen Dickerson
Miguel Hoyos
Mark Husted
Chris and Tom Kershner
Deirdre Leland
Pamela Lusignan
David Marcell
Beverley Mastrianni
Emily Mastrianni
Brian McCandless
Leslie Mechem and Michael Arnush
Jack Montoya
Blaise Morrell
Jay Portnoy
Joel Reed
Carol Reynolds
John and A.C. Riley
James Rodewald
Eric Rosenberg
Mary Sanders Shartle
Dee Sarno
Nancy Sharples and Geoff Bornemann
Roy Stevens
Martha Strohl
Mark Sweeney
Sean Walmsley
Cynthia Zalewsky
The O’Connor Kilduff Family
Greg Cuda
Jennifer Smith
Dave and Lauren Roecker
Tom Noonan
Joann Long
Sandra Gersowitz
Kendra Schieber
Julie Andolina
Janice P. McGinley
Jo Anne Robbins