LifeSong, Art in Public Places

Uncommon Grounds - Clifton Park

 9 Clifton Country Rd, Clifton Park, NY 12065

July 28th - August 29th, 2022

 Artist Statement:


LifeSong, Inc. provides Community-Based Day Habilitation Services in 4 counties: Saratoga, Schenectady, Rensselaer, Albany. Our Community-Based Day Habilitation Program focuses on our mission to love, enhance, equip and inspire individuals with differing abilities through volunteering, skill building & recreation. It creates a platform for exploration, skill development and self-discovery. The purpose of all activities is to build confidence, promote growth and provide individuals with the tools they need to support an independent life-style. In the end, person-centered planning and a program philosophy which embodies quiet integration, help participants become actively involved members of their communities. Our art program explores all different mediums such as painting, drawing, ceramics, watercolor, silkscreening, photography and many more. Our exhibition features a focus on flowers and botanical pieces to give a nod to our love of summer.

Robert Bouve

Robert is a master artist with years of creating beautiful artwork under his belt. Robert blended watercolor pencils and markers to create his flower series . Robert creates a sense of peace with his serenity. 

Ashley Jensen

Ashley is a local professional photographer, who’s passion is capturing movement and life in one click of the camera. When she’s not standing behind a lens, you can usually find her writing creative stories or going on a hike.

Mellisa Jodharam

Melissa is a master of all trades. Melissa enjoys painting with acrylics, watercolors and sketching in graphite. Her trademark is creating beauty in all of her pieces. Her whimsical creations will leave you feeling like you just stepped into a fairytale. 

Tawfiq Khan

Tawfig is a natural born artist. He has been painting and drawing since he was a little boy. Tawfiq has the unique ability to see something in his mind and put it down on paper. He uses acrylic paint to create his compositions.

Jon F

Jon is a new photographer local to the Saratoga area who loves taking walks and finding unique angles to capture the moment in his photography.

Jeff Morgan

Jeffery Morgan is an artist who loves to be outdoors and explore botanical garden, woodland areas and explore animals. His knowledge of plants and animals is evident in his flower composition.

Ben O’dondi

Ben O’dondi is a young man who is based in Albany County. Ben enjoys drawing trains and cars predominately however in his new chapter he has explored painting plant life. His new passion has fulled some creative compositions.

Renata Bailey

Renata is an artist who enjoys painting with a splash of red and black in each composition she creates. When Renata isn’t found with a brush in her hand, she enjoys playing sports with her friends. 

Nicole Harris

Nicole Harris is well-known for her love of art and music. She has a great eye for detail and can find beauty in anything. Nicole is a seasoned artist who brings life to each sculpture she crafts. Some of Nicole’s other hobbies include composing music and painting with acrylics.

Angela Halvey

Angela is a skilled photographer who plays with the lighting and soft texture of flowers to create beautiful compositions.

Catrina Scoville

Catrina Scoville is an upcoming artist based in Rensselaer County. She loves to take photos, paint, read, go shopping and one of her all time favorites, go to the beach. Her picture was taken at tulip festival at Central Park in Albany.

Myles Danlon-Matala

Myles is a queer artist, inspired by music. Their love for video games doesn’t let any obstacle get in their way of a good work of art. Myles finds a way to make each work of art simple but mysterious. 

Sean Fitzgerald

Sean is an artist who enjoys various styles of art, one of which is pop art. In his piece titled Pepsi, you can see his bold use of colors that make him stand out among the rest. When Sean isn’t painting with acrylics, he is creating art digitally. Sean is in the middle of creating his own comic at the moment so keep your eye out for his upcoming artwork!

Chris Sumner

Chris Sumner is a master of all trades, born with a natural talent for art Chris is a master painter and artist of various other mediums such as graphite and watercolor drawings. He gets his inspiration from his favorite artist Grandma Moses. When Chris isn’t creating a work of art he’s creating a beautiful composition on the piano.


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