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The Annual Members Show: November 14 – January 9, 2021 

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Denise McDonald
Rainbow and Light
iphone video (Duration 00:52)
A private Vimeo link of this video can be purchased for $25

This improvisation was created in silence as a meditation. It was generated in a light-filled studio out of a need to find peace and serenity in the midst of the fear and uncertainty of the newly spreading COVID virus. The rainbow emerged as a lovely and unexpected interplay between the light and my lens.

This piece was recorded at Skidmore College during spring break as the 2020 pandemic was unfolding and a decision was being made about whether or not students would return to school. At that time, I was taking dance class there four days a week.

I have been an improviser from an early age and began regularly training in Modern and Ballet at the age 50 at Skidmore College. I am also the founder of Dance Community Conversations, which is a community of adult dancers/movers (college age to 100+) who gather to share and discuss ideas, challenges, opportunities, and discoveries about our relationship to dance and movement, ourselves, each other, and the larger community. To find out more, join us on Facebook and Instagram at: Dance Community Conversations.

If you have feedback and/or questions about this piece, feel free to email me at:

Denise McDonald


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