Saratoga Arts' mission is to enrich the region by
cultivating a vibrant arts community and by
ensuring that the arts are accessible to all.


with Ashley Williams Students will create their own homemade rainbow with objects found around their home.  They will learn about the colors of a rainbow and the order you see them in.   Students should photograph their homemade rainbow after completed and put back any found objects to their proper place. Supplies: Objects found at home and […]

with Miranda Kent Students will need a pencil, paper, markers (alcohol markers if available at home), a mirror, and a thin Sharpie or Micron pen for this lesson. Have you ever wondered what you might look like if you were an Anime character? Well you’ve come to the right place! During this lesson, students will traverse […]

with Kristin Kotarski THEME: Typography “The Art of Text” DESCRIPTION: Learn about Typography “The Art of Text” by exploring concepts of graphic design, text, fonts, composition, layout, lettering, and proportion using drawing and collage techniques.  MATERIALS:  White Paper, Pencil, Sharpie, Ruler, Colored Pencil Recommended for ages 10-15 July 15, 2-3pm $10 members/$12 nonmembers

with David Amsinger We will use Andy Warhol’s pop art style to create a painting with multiple flowers and in bold colors. I will show how simple and interesting painting this way is with a creative tutorial.   Supplies: Watercolor paper, Paint, Pencil, Tape Recommended for ages 6-12 July 16, 11am-12pm $10 members/$12 nonmembers

with Harry Wirtz Make sharp, well-lit photographs of plants, flowers, and small artifacts on-site for publication or printing. See a demonstration of photography of a small floral subject (outdoors if weather permits). Control the quality of light from an affordable compact strobe with a soft box, user-made reflectors, and other simple accessories. Enhance the image […]