Saratoga Arts' mission is to enrich the region by
cultivating a vibrant arts community and by
ensuring that the arts are accessible to all.

Our Mission

painting of The Arts Center by Stu Eichel

Saratoga Arts is your community arts center. In 30 years, Saratoga Arts has brought the arts to over 800,000 people through its programs and supported artists to the tune of $2.3 million dollars.  Saratoga Arts is a non-profit organization that relies on the support of our members, friends and community.

Founded in 1986 by and for artists and audiences, Saratoga Arts’ mission is to cultivate, nourish and sustain the arts in all its forms, and to ensure the arts are accessible to all.

Our impact is real and in 2018, Saratoga Arts presented 78 exhibitions.  Those exhibitions provided opportunities for over 700 artists to show their work.  Artists earned over $33,500 in sales through Saratoga Arts’ exhibition programs last year, and more from sales they managed at Art in the Park. 42 artists taught in our program and 950 student artists of all ages advanced their skills and explored a range of media in classes and workshops at The Arts Center. We hired over 70 performing groups last year that included many hundreds of individual musicians, comedians, dancers and artists and paid nearly $50,000 to those artists to perform for First Night Saratoga.  We awarded 36 grants totaling $103,800 to support community-based arts events taking place in 2018. Saratoga Arts has awarded over $1,000,000 in grants since these programs began!