Susan Meyer, Art in Public Places

Country Corner Cafe

25 Church St, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

December 28th, 2023-March 29th, 2024

Living on the bank of the Hudson River is like having a front-row seat to a stage that is always in motion and constantly changing. You never know from moment to moment what will come down the river or what you will encounter when you go on the river, as I do in my kayak. In addition to being my muse, the river is one of my greatest teachers.

When the surface of the water is tranquil, it reflects everything around it. The magnificence of a sunrise or sunset is doubled when it’s reflected clearly, and river reflections are a favorite subject of mine.

However, it’s not just tranquil water that reflects. The life forms I encounter on the river are like mirrors showing me something about myself or life. You might see the same kind of wildlife, tree, or flower countless times, and it doesn’t make much of an impression. Then one day, suddenly you become transfixed by it. Perhaps it’s illuminated just right, seems to have a special message, or allows you to get closer than you’d been able to get before. Those are magic moments. This exhibition is a collection of magic moments offered as part of a story of awareness, gratitude, connection, caring, awe, and understanding.

For me, photography is a meditative practice through which I find angles that serve as exquisite openings to the luminosity that is our essential nature. I share my contemplative insights through words and images on my website,

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