Silas yelich, Art in Public Places

Uncommon Grounds - Albany

1235 Western Ave #5, Albany, NY 12203

June 29th - August 29th, 2022

Artist Statement

A couple years ago I found myself taking a theater class at UAlbany. It was an elective: certainly a subject that interested me, but meant nothing other than a means to an end. Unexpectedly, one concept has managed to stick with me since my time there. Changing the way I look at art, and how I wish others to experience mine.

Catharsis is the concept that has somehow stuck with me. My theater teacher best described it as “the purification of emotions as the audience experiences art.” In class we naturally related this concept to great works of theater such as Othello or Les Miserables; and the feeling the audience gets after watching them. However, I walked out of that class intrigued by the versatility of this concept as it relates to all kinds of mediums.

Emotions are so deeply built into our human nature.The problem being, we often shy away from experiencing them, or placing ourselves in the fire for fear of being uncomfortable or experiencing judgment. However, life has no indifference. Joy and love are as much part of our human experience as sadness and anger. They are; as purple space villain Thanos would say. “Inevitable.

Much of my photography style revolves around this concept of releasing emotions; creating a frame that not only looks nice, but makes you feel. If I can achieve this. I, almost selfishly, have created my own catharsis.  

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