Scott reynolds, 2022 juried exhibition

320 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY

August 20th - September 24th, 2022

 Artist Statement:

When I was young, Middle American cities had long been in decline (example Detroit). White flight was fully codified and socially accepted. Suburban sprawl and the “mall” replaced the city center. This had a profound impact on my awareness of the intersection of social and structural environments.

However, my work is not an attempt to directly represent these environments but an effort to analyze the underlying impulses driving this ongoing status quo.

I construct sculptural fictions that explore Middle America's internal story...the story and topology of everyday life in our popular culture/mass-architectural landscape. By using and confusing fragments of suburban culture: i.e., pop culture, religion, political discourse and the historical elements of capitalism, I exploit aspects of America’s common currency. Martin Luther, William Levitt, Adam Smith, Andy Warhol’s wig, Donald Trump’s penis and a long list of overlooked and forgotten historical constructs all play a roll in this structural exploration. I endeavor to use these elements to reorder and reinvest, to engage the viewer in a dialog about the American Dream.

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