Petra shortte, Art in Public Places

Uncommon Grounds - Albany

1235 Western Ave #5, Albany, NY 12203

May 31st - June 28th, 2022

Artist Statement

My works reflect my own personal entries that I write in my journal. From pen to brush I illustrate my ideas, worries, and dreams as a young African American girl. My painting style creates an abstract and colorful world with vibrant perspectives that anyone can relate to if they let themselves. With my bread and butter being acrylic and oil paint, I have a habit of featuring fun mediums like yarn, ink, or oil pastel. One thing I'm always looking to do in my paintings is create levels. So each line,shape,and color can have a purpose; have a message. Miscommunication can be dangerous anywhere else, but I strive for people to see my paintings and catch something I didn't, and bring their own explanation to the conversation. Paintings that have to do with the hardships and victories of black people mean the most to me because my life has presented many unforgettable moments, that happened due to the fact that I am a black girl. Even though my perspective is not scarce, I feel a responsibility to create my story truthfully. I love that I get to represent black women and men how I've always wanted to see them represented in the media when I was younger. Black people aren't always in a mess, stress, or depression. We always conquer our battles and birth something so beautiful that lives on; Jazz music, the blues, hip hop, and I want to do the same with my work

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