Jack Montoya, Art in Public Places

Saratoga Springs Visitor Center

297 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY

April 28th - May 30th, 2022

Artist Statement

This is a 2D show by a 3D artist. My 2D art results from sculpture’s ancillary processes. The title “High Contrast”, refers not only to differences in tonal values within each piece, but also to the contrast between the two art processes of printmaking and drawing. The prints are studies for surface treatments of sculptures, or color studies for digital 3D art. They are executed with non-traditional techniques and contain metallic pigments, as used in mixed media sculpture. This process belongs to the external boundaries of sculpture. In contrast, the drawings aim at the inner structure of sculpture. I chose portrait drawings which include both thematic inspiration and structural elements for 3D art. The portraits featuring traditional shading, highlight key anatomical elements for specific sculptures, having a strong focal point, deviating from traditional portraiture. My favorites are the most experimental drawings emphasizing perspective and armature construction, and more radical techniques such as the bold strokes of the oil stick or the high speed dynamics of a ballpoint pen. The imagery in both prints and drawings is inspired by ancient artifacts from Amazonia and the Andes, which adds to the non-traditional elements on both prints and drawings

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