Below you will find a list of some common questions pertaining to our Community Arts Regrant Program. Can't find an answer to your question? Contact Grants Coordinator Mae Hailu via email at or call (518) 584-4132.

Can I still apply if I did not submit a Letter of Intent?

Absolutely! It is not required to submit a Letter of Intent in order to apply. We encourage all eligible parties who are interested in applying for funding in 2023 to submit their application by the final deadline of December 15th, regardless of whether they submitted a Letter of Intent.

Who is eligible to apply for a grant?

Community Arts and Arts Education Grants are open to 501 (c)(3) nonprofits, local municipalities, or Tribal Organizations registered within Saratoga, Fulton, or Montgomery Counties. Projects must be completed within the respective county.

Individuals, Artist Collectives, or Unincorporated Entities working in partnership with an eligible public school in our service area are able to apply for In-School Arts Education Grants.

Individuals, Artist Collectives, or Unincorporated Entities utilizing a Fiscal Sponsor located within Saratoga, Fulton, or Montgomery Counties are also eligible to apply for Community Arts and Community-Based Arts Education Grants. Projects must be completed within the Fiscal Sponsor's County.

Individual artists or Artist Collectives interested in applying for an Individual Artist Grant must reside within Saratoga, Fulton, or Montgomery Counties. Projects must be completed within the applicants respective county.

For an exhaustive list of eligibility requirements, consult the Grants Guidelines.

What is a Fiscal Sponsor?

A Fiscal Sponsor is a nonprofit, local municipality, or tribal organization who agrees to serve as a partnering organization for an applicant who cannot apply directly (such as an individual artist looking to complete a Community Arts Grant or an organization who would like to complete a project outside of their registered county). Examples of who can serve as Fiscal Sponsors are local libraries, town governments, local community centers, arts centers, etc.

Applications are completed by the Sponsored Applicant not the Fiscal Sponsor. The Fiscal Sponsor is expected to provide the applicant with all necessary organizational documents to complete the application (Ex. Board of Directors List, Financial Statement, etc.). Funding is then distributed to the Fiscal Sponsor, who is responsible for disbursing grant funds, issuing all necessary tax forms, and submitting all required reporting completed by the Sponsored Applicant. 

Fiscal Sponsors are able to apply for their own grants as well as sponsoring as many applications as they would like. Fiscally Sponsored projects do not count towards the Fiscal Sponsors $5,000 grant limit.

For a complete list of the responsibilities/roles of Fiscal Sponsors and Sponsored Applicants, consult the Grants Guidelines.

When would you need a Fiscal Sponsor?

A Fiscal Sponsor is necessary if you are an Individual Artist, Artist Collective, or Unincorporated Entity who would like to apply for a Community Arts or Arts Education (Community-Based) Grant . 

A Fiscal Sponsor is also necessary when you or your organization are looking to complete a project not located in the same county as your legally registered address. In this case, it is necessary to partner with a Fiscal Sponsor who is located within the project county.

What kinds of projects can receive funding?

While each Grant Category has its own set of project requirements and funding priorities (which can be reviewed by consulting the Grants Guidelines), all projects must be focused on providing Arts and/or Cultural programming that is accessible to the community.

Community Arts and Individual Artist projects must have at least one culminating event that is open to the public (ex. an exhibition, performance, reading, etc.)

Examples of previously funded projects include Arts Festivals, Storytelling Gatherings, Cultural Performances, and more. If you would like more examples, check out 2022's grantees and our weekly 2022 grantee spotlight.

How many projects can I apply for?

Applicants are limited to applying for three projects in any combination of categories (community arts, arts education, and individual artist) for which the combined total can be no more than $5,000 across all applications.

For organizations that are applying for their own grants as well as serving as a Fiscal Sponsor for other entities, these limits do not include any projects for which are serving as a Fiscal Sponsor.

What is the timeframe in which projects must be completed?

All 2023 Community Arts Regrant projects must be completed between January 1st, 2023 and December 31st, 2023. If the project is set to extend beyond December 31st, 2023 it is not eligible for funding. While projects that occur annually (ex. an annual Arts Festival) are eligible for funding each year a grant request is completed, multi-year projects that extend beyond the December 31st, 2023 timeframe cannot be funded. 

Ready to apply? Click here to review the Grant Guidelines and complete the application process.

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