clare o'connell, Art in Public Places

Uncommon Grounds - Albany

1235 Western Ave #5, Albany, NY 12203

August 30th - September 28th, 2022

Artist Statement

Visual arts always allows for a person to connect to a piece in a powerful way.  The use of photography is what made me want to travel ever since I was a little girl.  Looking through books and seeing photos of distant lands, thinking of all the possible adventures, drove me to pursue my travels throughout the years.

My taste for travel photography really took hold back in 2013 when I went to Turkey for my 30th birthday.  The natural beauty of the country, and the beauty of its rich culture, really inspired me to capture those images to bring back home and share with family and friends.  A wonderful consequence of doing this was that the people I knew saw these images and it changed their view of Turkey in a more positive light.  A country that many of them saw as dangerous and unwelcoming, they now look at as interesting and beautiful. That’s how powerful photography can be, and I have made it a part of my mission to shed a different light on places and cultures that some may deem scary and dangerous. 

Over the course of the next nine years, I have travelled to 46 countries and have shared my photos with family, friends, and any stranger that would be interested in looking.  I use a combination of my Canon DSLR and my iPhone to capture images.  My goal is to continue to show my work and try and change people’s views on these distant worlds.  I want to try and inspire people to get out there, just the way photography inspired me when I was just a small girl flipping through the pages of travel books. 

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