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9/11 Memorial Sculpture

Tempered By Memory

In the spring of 2010, Saratoga Arts was contacted and encouraged by officers stationed at the Saratoga Springs Naval Support Unit about bringing steel artifacts from the World Trade Center towers from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey's storage terminal at JFK up to Saratoga Springs. Out of our initial conversations came a shared vision: to create a forward-looking work of contemporary art that equally serves as a monument to 9/11.

Due to their passionate enthusiasm, long years of experience with large-scale projects, and aesthetic talent, we selected the team of John Van Alstine and Noah Savett to execute the project.  Together with a volunteer team of iron workers, crane opperators and a broad range of community-wide support, the artists completed the 9/11 Memorial Sculpture in the Summer of 2011.

Tempered By Memory is the result of our efforts and was dedicated in High Rock Park, Saratoga Springs in the Fall of 2012.



©Lawrence White


marking collective memory
The sculpture is a forward-looking, progressive piece of contemporary art that has origins in World Trade Center (WTC) steel and serves as a memorial to the events of September 11, 2001. The sculpture's over-arching concept is about reflecting the past and coming together to move forward. Memory and origin are intrinsic qualities and will always be a part of its public reception, central to the sculpture's impact. The commemorative qualities of the work will always be present, but there is a duality to this sculpture titled Tempered by Memory. It serves as a contemporary work of art that prominently stands on its own, while embedded within is a significant piece of American history – the events of September 11, 2001.


appropriate aesthetic spirit
The artists' design uses steel beam remnants from the WTC North and South towers. Images of the twisted steel façade on 9/11 have been forever burned into our collective psyche and are now powerful visual icons. The artists have built on that power to create a commanding visual contemporary artwork and commemorative statement.


© Frost Architecture


a delicate balance
It was important to build a work of substantial scale in keeping with the significant events of 9/11, while remaining sensitive to the site where it is placed. Tempered By Memory stands approximately 24' in height.  
Saratoga Arts is proud to announce that at its May 2nd meeting, the Saratoga Springs Design Review Commission unanimously approved the installation and site plan for Tempered By Memory in High Rock Park. In December 2011, the Saratoga Springs City Council approved the location contingent on successful outcomes of the necessary reviews and feasibility studies; the DRC's vote was the final required step.  Saratoga Arts' Executive Director, Joel Reed, Director of Exhibitions, Elizabeth Dubben and project architect, Tom Frost presented the proposed site plan for High Rock Park to the DRC.

Tom Frost, founder and principal of Frost Architecture worked with Mike Ingersoll of The LA Group to design a plan for High Rock Park that integrates the naturalistic setting with the memorial sculpture and connects the work to the natural and historical assets of the area. The rock escarpment behind Tempered By Memory is a bold and unique feature that will strongly offset the monument, and paths connecting the other features of the park will now encourage visitors to meander, explore and spend more time there.

Together, members of the Design Review Commission felt that the integrated plan was a positive addition and improvement to the existing area by giving more prominence to the natural and historical features of High Rock Park and making the area more inviting for visitors. They commended the project and the Sculpture Siting Committee for the work that has taken place, acknowledging that High Rock Park is the ideal location for the 9/11 Memorial Sculpture.

Saratoga Arts,Tempered By Memory’s artists Noah Savett and John Van Alstine, and the installation team, led by Mike Stewart of Turner Construction, together with regional contractors and companies, graciously pledged materials and services for site preparation and the sculpture's installation during the summer of 2012.

Tempered By Memory has always been ‘for the community, from the community,’ and we thank all of our generous supporters for helping us make that happen!



enhancing Saratoga's history

Tempered By Memory is a fitting monument to the events of September 11, 2001, and to those affected by it. It creates a substantial new point of interest to Saratoga Springs and is another feature to the city's special and unique character.



a meaningful effort

Tempered By Memory was built on a foundation of community support.  Please visit our donation page to view a full list of our project supporters.



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