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In 30 years, we’ve brought the arts to over 800,000 people!

228,000+ have viewed art in The Arts Center Galleries

18,000+ students of all ages have taken classes

466,220+ people have attended an event funded by our grant program

78,000+ people have rung in the New Year with us

Saratoga Arts has paid artists over $2,290,000 in grant awards, teaching and performance fees, and art sales!



Saratoga Arts Presents


The Local Actors Guild of Saratoga Proudly Presents: The New Play Festival 2.0


Fridays, May 11 & 12 at 8pm
Saturdays, May 18 & 19 at 8pm
Sundays, May 3 & 20 at  2pm
The Dee Sarno Theater

An Evening of Original One-Acts • 5 shows for the price of one!

Internal Partners, by Steve Maggio
Cast: Stan - Adrian Appleman, Jestine - Jessica Luhmann, Emma - Sara Paupini, BB - Kelly Sienkiewicz, Donna - Kalinn Saunders

The Hook-up, by Ken Levine
Cast: Adam - Kevin Miner, Jessica - Kelly Sienkiewicz

Choices, by JJ Buechner
Cast: Tommy Hudson - Douglas Koebrich, Dr. Ethan Runner - JJ Buechner, Laura Hudson - Sara Paupini, John - Adrian Appleman, Sharon - Kalinn Saunders

(un)Declared & (un)Certain, by Michelle Kittel
Cast: Mom - Ann Milliken, Alison - Jessica Luhmann, 

Sickbed, by Tim Gonyea
Cast: Janine - Sara Paupini, Chip - JJ Buechner, Aaron - Douglas Koebrich, Sarah - Kalinn Saunders, Susan - Darlene Kelly

$20 General Admission. For ticket reservations please call 518-393-3496.


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