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Food, Fun & More


Lila's Laidback BBQ serves slow braised, marinated meat, slaw, fries and other delicious sides that will hit the spot.  NBT Bank Parking Lot, all night. 

Moby Dick's Fish Fry serves deep fried fresh pollock with soups and other healthy fried foods.  Empire State College, all night.

Reggie’s Veggies from Greenwich New York, sells cider, donuts and macaroni & cheese to keep you going throughout the night. Adirondack Trust Drive through, and Cider only at Saratoga Arts, all night.

Ziti Dinner sponsored by the PNECC youth programming provides a baked Ziti meal with a salad, beverage and dessert for $8 adult, $4 youth and $.50 kids.  Presbyterian-New England Church, 4pm - 8pm.


Merchandise Table can be found in the City Center mainstage room.

First Night Posters are for sale after December 1st at Crafters Gallery, the Bouchard Art Gallery in the Post Office, the Hilton Gift Shop, and Saratoga Arts.  Posters with art by Sharon Bolton are $15 for the small size and $20 for the large size. You can purchase posters from previous years at Saratoga Arts: $5 for the small size and $10 for the large size.

First Night 5k Shirts are available in assorted sizes from this year for $20 and select previous years for $10 at the City Center Merchandise Table located in the mainstage hall on the night of.  Posters from the current year and New Year's Eve party favors will also be for sale here, all night.  

Photobooth will be located in the City Center mainstage room.  Prices TBA!



For a discounted New Years booking just enter 12/31 in the link above.

Map & Events Schedule

Here is a Quick Guide to First Night 2017 to help you plan your evening:

Balloon Gal Jenny
Dan Busha Origami
Nick Biales Comics
Rich Conley Caricatures
Blues Journey
Brass & Blues
Heavenly Echoes
Holly & Evan Band
JV & the Cutters
LB Walker
Classical, Instrumental,
A cappella
Aaron Civic
Buffalo Brass Machine
Grafton Street Trio
Mike Campese
Opera Saratoga
Racing City Chorus
Saratoga Soundtrack Chorus
Saratoga Youth Symphony
Seina Shirakura
Alex Torres & his Latin Orchestra
Saratoga Savoy
Folk, Americana Roots
Darling Valley
Harold Ford- The Spirit 
          of Johnny Cash
The Living Roots Trio
The McKrells
Phil Henry & Gary Moon
Ramblin Jug Stompers
Cheryl The Medium
Corbie Mitlied- Past Life Expert
Dan Busha- Origami
Joan Scannell- Tarot
Jon Stetson- Master Mentalist
MJ Henion Runes
Mop & Bucket Company 
Michael Ray- Hypnotist
Rich Conley- Caricatures
Patrice Gandalfa- Tarot Workshop
Pete & Chris Amusements
Saratoga Savoy
Scott Jameson- Magician
Shakespeare Approves
The Storycrafters     
Brass & Blues
Hetko, Siegel, Syracuse
Hot Club of Saratoga
Nisky Dixie Cats
Alpacas of Breezy Hill Ranch
Balloon Gal Jenny
The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus
Dan Busha- Origami
Nick Biales- Comics
Pete & Chris Amusements
Rich Conley- Caricatures
Silent Wing Raptors
Scott Jameson Magician
Seth & the Moody Melix
The Storycrafters
Mind Arts
Cheryl The Medium
Corbie Mitlied
Joan Scannel Tarot
Jon Stetson Master Mentalist
MJ Henion Runes
Michael Ray Hypnotist
Patrice Gandalfa Tarot Workshop
Magic of Patrick Davis  
Scott Jameson- Magician
Pop, Rock
Arianna Stewart
Benjamin John
Better By Morning
The Blackouts
Erin Harkes
The Figgs
Maddy Hicks
MaryLeigh Roohan
Shane Guerrette
Street Greek & Ana Spackman
Two Guys
Wild Adriatic
Big Fez & the Surfmatics
The Blackouts
Harold Ford- The Spirit 
          of Johnny Cash
Matthew Boyce 
         & the Suspicious Minds
Theater, Comedy, Film
Ballston Spa Film Festival
The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus
The Comedy Works
Dan Meyer Sword Swallower
Dwayne Murphy Jr. Comedian
Erin Harkes
Mop & Bucket Company
Shakespeare Approves
Country Western, Bluegrass
Arianna Stewart
Crow Ridge
Grit N Whiskey
Harold Ford- The Spirit  
         of Johnny Cash



For A Good Cause

Saratoga Arts and The Deanna Marie Rivers Foundation wish everybody a safe and happy holiday!

In December 2012 Shenendehowa High School seniors Deanna Marie Rivers and Chris Stewart lost their lives to a drunk driver.  With the intent of preserving her name, spirit and accomplishments, The Deanna Marie Rivers Foundation is helping Saratoga Arts present this year’s First Night Saratoga. Our safe, alcohol-free and family-friendly New Year’s Eve event honors Deanna by reminding our audiences how important it is to celebrate responsibly and to live life to its fullest. 


Thank you to the JM McDonald Foundation for sponsoring 200 free buttons for Teens in Saratoga, Montgomery, Washington and Warren counties!  Contact Saratoga Arts for more information.

Thank you to the Sandy Hill Foundation for sponsoring 50 free buttons for Teens in Saratoga, Montgomery, Washington and Warren counties!  Contact Saratoga Arts for more information.

Powered by the Prevention Council of Saratoga, RAISaratoga is dedicated to eliminating the stigma associated with addiction. This First Night, RAIS will be presenting a TREE OF HOPE, decorated with doves, stars and mittens with handwritten names of those who have struggled with addiction. The Visitor's Center, all night.

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